OOC - SVU Season Finale

Alright, so I just watched the SVU season 14 finale, it was really good, and at the end, the perp puts a gun to Benson while alone in her apartment. But I think people are forgetting one important detail - she’s dating Brian Cassidy. Cassidy, being both a friend of Munch’s and a (possibly former) cop, probably knows about Rapey McEvil and certainly has a gun. Once Mariska renews her contract, Cassidy will burst in and cap him in the head. If she doesn’t Cassidy is too late but still shoots him. Win/Win.

Also, updates should be resuming soon, I’m in talks with an artist buddy.


Argh! My arm! It hurts!

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Be careful civilians.

(OOC: Mappy will return soon, folks!)

I hope they go easy on her... She is really immature for her age

Well, that’s a problem for the court system. If she really doesn’t understand the consequences of her actions, they’ll go easy on her.

I still feel terrible...

It gets easier, trust me. You did the right thing.

I feel bad for ratting her out like that... I mean she is my friend and all...

You did the right thing miss. Stalking is a very serious crime.

Well she has been stalking you for 3 weeks or something crazy like that, she was also the magic anon who turned you into a cat and tried to give you cat nip.

Interesting. I’ll have to report this to my superiors. You may be called to testify if the perpetrator is arrested and put on trial.

Uh, Mappy... My admin has been stalking you, you should do something about her

Well, that won’t be a problem, because this should be ask number *Mappy returns to mouse form* three!

Now, what can you tell me about this ‘admin’ of yours?

YOU'LL NEVER GET ME ALiVE COPPER!!!!! *magically grows wings then flys into the sun set*

…Huh. That’s uh, that’s new.